Easy Data Tracker

EDT Solutions

  • Lead Entry / Management
  • Order Entry / Sales Process
    • Credit Checks
    • Full CRM for Sales
    • Optional Mapping Program for Sales Leads
  • Installation Service / Scheduling
    • Optimize Installation Routes
  • Inventory Ordering & Management
    • Create POs
    • Low Inventory Reminders
  • Payroll for technicians & sales
    • Hourly
    • Commission
    • ADTs Point System
    • Multiples
  • ADT eContract processing
  • ADT Shelling – account creation process
    • Using the new APIs from ADT

How to get started

Call 866-324-7150 or email sales@easydatatracker.com to set a demo appointment. Of course, the length of  the demo will depend on what you require, what you want to see and how many questions you ask.

We recommend you set aside an hour for a thorough demo.

Lead Entry / Management

Upload any amount of leads at no additional charge. Assign and track leads through the sale, installation and service process.

In detail…

Before you can begin working with leads, you must enter basic information about those leads into the system. You can choose to enter leads individually, or you can import a list of leads from a spreadsheet. Depending on the source of leads, you might choose to utilize both of these lead entry methods.

For example, if you purchase a list of leads, it might be easiest to import that list into the system rather than enter each lead individually. Importing leads can also reduce data entry errors. Alternatively, if you receive leads based on advertisements or individual referrals, you might choose to enter those leads manually as they are received.

When you enter leads into the system, you specify the main contact person’s name, company, address, phone numbers and email address. You also specify the lead’s disposition, lead type and lead owner. After you enter and save the lead, you can use ADT Services to complete the eContract.

In detail…

It’s no secret that we live in a “now” oriented consumer society. At every level of commerce, customers expect quality delivered quickly. With the internet’s ability to minimize the importance of proximity, your business has more competition that ever. Today, the most successful companies are looking to take advantage of this business climate. Where there is an opportunity for differentiation, there exists an opportunity for increased market share and customer satisfaction. How can you ensure that your order and fulfillment processes are providing you with real competitive advantage?

Our order entry software module allows you to record customer orders, communicate client requests for service and products to the relevant internal parties, and create receipts, invoices or eContracts for your customers’ orders. Integration with inventory control can help your staff determine the product availability. With an order entry system you can easily pull customer contact information, purchase history, and specific discounts.

Many sales reps are still writing orders using paper order forms and other old-school order entry systems like fillable PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets. Reliance on these manual order writing methods is becoming increasingly problematic in today’s digital, on-demand environment.

These traditional order entry systems invariably run the risk of human-error. Typos, illegibility, and misplaced order forms are just some of the risks inherent to manual order entry. Moreover, these order entry methods cost an enormous amount of time and money.

Order Entry / Sales Process

Close the sale, get your eContracts signed and eliminate unforced errors that cost time and money.

Installation Service / Scheduling

Optimizing scheduling and dispatch is where the first, and potentially the largest, value can be realized.

In detail…

Every field service company schedules and dispatches work already via one method or another. However, as field service takes its role as a core part of company strategies to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the customer – optimizing scheduling and dispatch is where the first, and potentially the largest, value can be realized.

Every moment and every interaction of each field service professional represents an investment in your customers, and in many cases their assets. Operational labor to schedule, dispatch, and manage the work and workforce add to that investment. And the need to respond quickly, potentially at a greater cost of sending someone from far away or during overtime hours, piles one more layer on the investment.

And when it comes to service, the most obvious and direct influence on the customer’s experience is the ease, convenience, and speed with which service is provided. This is where scheduling and dispatch play a critical role. Easy Data Tracker gives you the ability to schedule and optimize your installation and service appointment routes.

We aim to be the best Small Business CRM

If you are looking to maximize your own business potential, Easy Data Tracker is designed to grow at the speed of your needs.

Inventory Ordering & Management

Don’t let too much-or too little-inventory hurt your business. Track your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when.

In detail…

Inventory management is the part of supply chain management that aims to always have the right products in the right quantity for sale, at the right time. When done effectively, businesses reduce the costs of carrying excess inventory while maximizing sales. Good inventory management can help you track your inventory in real time to streamline this process.

Holding excess stock carries costs because the inventory you stock has to be warehoused, insured, secured against shrinkage, depreciated, and taxed as an asset. Excess items generally cost the business an additional 25% to 50% per year. Excess stock carries opportunity costs as well: the working capital tied up in unsold inventory is unavailable for other purposes.

Inventory management allows you to keep track of stock in real time so you can maintain proper product balance. Such oversight gives you increased control to make strategic decisions based on customer demand. Without a handle on your inventory, you run the risk of overstocking or selling out—both of which result in profit loss.

In detail…

Easy Data Tracker has partnered with ADP, one of the best payroll companies in the industry, to help you manage your payroll and  tax filing, HR, and time and attendance responsibilities. The functionality is designed to save you time so you can get back to what matters most, growing your business. Most small business owners eventually need help managing their payroll. But the large payroll service companies can be expensive, lack personal service, and are not always reliable. Easy Data Tracker and ADP are bringing the best of those worlds to you, inexpensive, personal service and reliability.

When you trust your payroll processing to Easy Data Tracker and ADP you not only get dependable payroll services at affordable rates, but receive fast, friendly service from a qualified financial professional. We can process your payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, provide customized payroll reports, and prepare all your federal and state payroll tax filings.

Whether you’re looking to outsource payroll for the first time, or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, Easy Data Tracker in partnership with ADP, helps make payroll for small business effortless — just as it should be. With our intuitive technology in your hands, and experts by your side, you’ll be free to make your business all it can be.

Payroll for hourly, technicians & sales

Small business payroll, HR, and time-tracking that work together seamlessly. Make running payroll a breeze.

ADT eContract processing

Eliminate the tedious, time consuming and costly process of filling out and shipping paper contracts. Get funded within days by moving to electronic contracts.

In detail…

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that filling out paper contracts takes more time, allows for more errors and takes longer to get funded! Our eContract process is simple and seamless. You can get through the eContract process much faster and error free.

Our software works directly with ADT’s APIs to make sure that you are filling out the contract correctly, thereby reducing errors. And if an erroneous email address or misspelling slips by or if the client calls back to purchase additional equipment, the clean up process is just as simple and just as fast.

Why pay to ship contracts? Why wait weeks for funding? Come see what the fuss is all about…ask us for a demo and join the Easy Data Tracker team! You’ll be glad you did.

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