About Easy Data Tracker

The Company

There are approximately 30.2 million small businesses in the US, Easy Data Tracker was developed for these entrepreneurs with ease of use and affordability in mind. Easy Data Tracker got its start by providing an affordable solution to the security industry.

Easy Data Tracker’s founder was managing his business on paper and as the business grew, this became more and more difficult. He partnered with a software coder who would develop a less expensive, more functional and less complicated way to manage his business. Other software solutions were simply too expensive for his small business and complex to use so he built his own CRM.

Since then, Easy Data Tracker has come a long way. ADT agreed to have Easy Data Tracker be one of only 3 software providers offered to it’s many business owners country wide. We are very proud of that distinction!

Easy Data Tracker was also determined to make our software available to other independently operated security companies nation wide. We are currently in discussions to make our software available to more companies in the security industry. In fact, Easy Data Tracker has been approached by numerous small business owners outside the security industry. So for many of you who have been asking, we’re making our software available to you too!

EDT Solutions

  • Lead Entry / Management
  • Order Entry / Sales Process
    • Credit Checks
    • Full CRM for Sales
    • Optional Mapping Program for Sales Leads
  • Installation Service / Scheduling
  • Inventory Ordering & Management
  • Payroll for hourly, technicians & sales
  • ADT eContract processing
  • ADT Shelling – account creation process
    • Using the new API from ADT

Our Customer

Our primary customer is the small, medium or large ADT Dealer who is looking for an alternative to the status quo in software providers. Our clients are seeking a relationship with their software provider that is truly supportive and reliable. Our client support is second to none! If you don’t believe me, see what our clients have to say…we’re happy to provide references.

We also support any security company outside the ADT ecosystem. Our software is flexible, dynamic and easy to use. In fact, if you own a company that caters to homeowners or small businesses, and you need a way to track your leads, installations, service calls, inventory, and payroll…you would be an ideal client.

What does our software cost?

It’s very simple. For ADT Dealers, we have two price points and both are the best per contract rate in the business.

Both packages require a one-time Set-up fee of $200.00.

Monthly rate of $59.00 for up to 50 eContracts per month.

If your business does more than 50 contracts per month, your base rate is $79.00 and every eContract over 50 is charged at a rate of $1.25.

ADT Dealers also get the following benefits:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful ADT Dealer
  • Product Selection
  • Presentation Material
  • Best Practices of a Successful ADT Dealer
  • Sales Basics
  • Building Good Compensation Plans
  • Teaching Pulse
  • How to Generate New Customers
  • 2 Hours of FREE ADT On-board Training – new dealers only

If you have more than one office, there is a $99.00 per month charge for additional office locations.

More about our Customers

Easy Data Tracker also supports Small Businesses outside the Security Industry. Some of the industries we service include:

Air Conditioning


Pool Services

Pest Control

Lawn Care



Home Improvement

Sign Manufacturing

Bike/Scooter Touring

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