We provide a complete solution to running your security business.

We Offer

  • Lead Entry / Management
  • Order Entry / Sales Process
    • Credit Checks
    • Full CRM for Sales
    • Optional Mapping Program for Sales Leads
  • Installation Service / Scheduling
  • Inventory Ordering & Management
  • Payroll for hourly, technicians & sales
  • ADT eContract processing
  • ADT Shelling - account creation process
    • Using the new API from ADT


Track - Assess - Manage Data and report it

Across America over 5.2 million small businesses struggle daily to support their most basic needs. Part of the problem is that businesses do not efficiently track their data because the technology is either too confusing or too expensive. offers an affordable friendly solution to help small businesses track, assess and manage data and report it. Our online solutions give you the tools you need to grow your business. Request a free demo today or give us a call to experience the right solutions for your small business tempus.

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Thanks for your interest in EasyDataTracker. Our online solutions give you the tools you need to grow your business with an affordable friendly solutions.